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Creative Spark

Creativity and innovation are the driving forces behind the evolution of companies' offerings. Investing early enough in the ideation and design phases of projects ensures that you get the highest ROI, even during R&D sessions.

Needs Assessment

- Consumer profile analysis, trend curation,
and market study.
- Face to face interviews with focus groups.

Strategic Design

- User behaviour analysis with empathetic study designs.
- Use of solution-oriented techniques.
- Development of offer proposals.

Disruptive Growth

Business leaders are too busy operating their current business model. Reaching new heights or diversifying into new areas requires integrated marketing support.

Business Design

- Strategy & analysis.
- Iterative tests on target audience.
- Prototyping.
- A/B testing & adaptation.
- Business model definition.

UX Design

- User-centric experience design.
- Scenario research for frictionless user journeys
& interactions.
- Service & implementation proposals.


Teams working closely together (IT, legal, finance, sales etc.) is essential, including for feedback loops. We facilitate your new plans' execution by bringing every aspects of your business aligned together.

Branding & UI Design

- Logo & visual identity.
- Frictionless user interface, based on gold standard principles for interaction design
- Graphic design, typography, and copywriting.

Digital Lead Prospection

- Lead targeting strategy.
- The right offer, for the right users, at the best time and placement.
- Digital campaigning and online lead qualification.

With Project Management
as a Watermark:

  • Project managers and product managers ensure quality of the project.
  • They guarantee communication between all project stakeholders.
  • They manage every step of the way, from start until delivery.

‍A group of specialists brought together by an innovative marketing director, helping visionary leaders look ahead to the future.

Norbert Barré

Creative Minds was founded by Norbert Barré with the idea that collective intelligence upstream of projects is at the heart of their success.

As a former national marketing director for France and Europe in a major bank, he has worked on numerous customer-centric transformation plans with strong IT components (big data, analytical and operational CRM, web and multi-channel offers, etc.).

He also held operational and management responsibilities as regional director. His experience thus allows him to meet a multitude of companies with very different business models, making this a rich network portfolio.

He was trained with the Creativity and Innovation team of HEC Montreal and its ecosystem (Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, Bombardier...) in Design Thinking and business models with HEC Lausanne, on Deep Techs with Singularity University, on nudges with inudgeyou (Copenhagen), in the field of innovative designs (CK workshops, Ecole des Mines) and collective intelligence (C2 Montreal workshops, TED Global).


By essence, Creative Minds supports radically-different industries.

3 of our latest projects:



With the covid-19 health crisis, business event & conference organisers now need new tools to federate their communities by exchanging on a business level throughout the year in hybrid mode - both remotely and physically.


We developed a Saas platform with physical support service on more than 50 exhibitions and congresses in Europe. Services included business design (concept, positioning, business model...), creation of the offer's communication plans and UI design of the platform.

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The Sailing Resort


Cruise tourism on medium-sized boats — with a wealthy target audience — is growing as fast as the trend for sustainable experiences.
A niche was identified for the development of stays on sailing ships.


We designed unique concepts, positioning, business case, financing plan and communication materials for a luxury holiday offer accessible on eco-built trimarans for 12 to 16 guests. Stays would take place on professional vessels with 24/7 service that respect the environment (sailing, electric motors, etc.) and are integrated into a local/short-circuit  ecosystem.

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Health Insurance


The Swiss healthcare sector is experiencing rising costs with an ever-increasing demand for qualitative services. A health insurance company wanted to develop an innovative digital ecosystem to complete its traditional offer of health service reimbursement to its members.


We delivered marketing research materials and implementation proposals. Work took place with a lean/agile start-up mentality where we defined customer paths, directed iterative and dynamic tests on identified targets, searched for partners, built business models, and prototyped the MVP.

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As the organiser of TEDxCannes, we create innovative programs for aspiring business leaders.


Creative Minds is the operating partner of TEDxCannes with a philanthropic approach. The event allows attendees, business executives and managers to expand their sectoral, geographical and temporal horizons while helping to inspire a wide audience around the world through short and inspiring presentations, viewed 3 million times already and available in up to 25 languages.

Radical openness is at the heart of TED and TEDxCannes; a model of humility and willingness to learn from what the world has to offer, in symbiosis with Creative Minds' vision.


M* Seminar

Organization of a seminar for business leaders to train in management through creativity and innovation.

Held in partnership with HEC Montréal's Creativity and Innovation department at the Maeght Foundation, which resulted in the creation of a unique olfactory sensory journey through the works of art at the Jardin Miró.

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